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Silpada Party

Have you been to a Silpada party? Silpada jewelry parties are fun and it's a great way for hostesses to earn free Silpada jewelry. It's easy to host a Silpada party than you might think. First of all, the Silpada representative does most of the work and the hostess has to do very little. There is a brochure that tells you everything you need to know about hosting a Silpada party. There are many hostess rewards when you host a Silpada jewelry party such as free jewelry credit and cash earnings. For Silpada parties totaling less than $500 in retail sales or fewer than 10 orders, the hostess receives either 20% of total retail sales in free jewelry with a minimum of 6 individual guest orders totaling  at least $300 in retail sales or $25 in free jewelry with a minimum of 3 individual guest orders totaling at least $150 in retail sales. Since Silpada jewelry is quite expensive, it's easy to make the quota. There is also a hostess booking bonus for any qualified Silpada parties. Developing a guest list is important when hosting a Silpada party. Usually about a third of all invited guests turn up to the Silpada party so it's a good idea to invite as many people as you can think of. Invite family, friends, neightbors, coworkers, spouse's coworkers, and anyone you think might like Silpada jewelry. There are usually snacks and drinks at any Silpada jewelry party. Let all the guests try on Silpadad jewelry. Make it fun and comfortable for them to try anything on. That means, you need to have lots of jewelry on hand so that people can try on and love the jewelry. If you don't want to use your Silpada jewelry, as most people want to sell them instead of making them into samples, you can buy some Silpada jewelry cheap such as from eBay to add to your collection of sample Silpada jewelry. It's fun to have lots of Silpada jewelry at a Silpada party. Some people have just Silpada catalog party but without seeing the jewelry and trying them on, it's hard to convince people how great and beautiful Silpada earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and other Silpada Designs items are.

Below are some Silpada jewelry pieces at low cost on eBay. They are great as samples at your Silpada parties.

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